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Taconic continues to be a true golfing gem here in Berkshire County. Golf Digest rated it in the top 20 courses in the state and Golf Week rated it the second best college campus course in the country!

Regular Membership Categories

Click on any category for detailed information about eligibility, membership privileges, dues and application forms. Complete the application, scan it, and email back to the Taconic business office. For further information, please contact us by phone: (413)458-9669.

Initiation fees can be paid upfront or over 10 years.

  • RegularAvailable to those wishing to join as a full member. No resident requirements apply.
  • Under 40 Regular discounted dues for younger members-based on age
  • Non-Residentfor those who live beyond 50 miles of Taconic
  • Junior/Regular for juniors (13-18) whose parents are not Taconic members
  • Junior/Dependent for juniors (13-18) whose parents are Taconic members
  • Junior/College Agesemester-based memberships for juniors (18-24)
  • Auxiliary – a limited-play seasonal membership for those who belong to another local golf club
  • Emeritusa special category developed for long-time members of Taconic Golf Club
  • House a non-golfing clubhouse membership

Williams College Membership Categories

Taconic Corporate Membership Categories (Contact Jane Patton in the Business Office)

  • Gold
  • Purple
  • White