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Taconic Corporate Memberships 

Business owners can now provide access for their employees and customers to Taconic Golf Club.
For the 2019 season, we offer 3 classifications of corporate memberships.

White: 24 golf rounds including cart
Purple: 48 rounds of golf including cart
Gold: 72 rounds of golf including and 1 full regular membership

Contact Taconic Business Office for more details

Dining Facilities:


The Taconic Clubhouse, established in 1955, is located on the corner of Water and Meacham Streets in the center of Williamstown and within walking distance of Williams College. Full locker facilities and club storage are provided for our members and guests.

The full service restaurant is open to the public and serves luncheon and dinner during the golfing season. Dine on our terraces overlooking the great Taconic golf course and enjoy one of the best vistas in Berkshire County. For more information visit the “dining section” of the Taconic website.

For more information, contact the business office at 413-458-9669 or email the Taconic business office.