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June 5, 2018

Dear Taconic Members,

The Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund has been the official “Golf Charity of Massachusetts” since 1949. Thanks to the support of the “Bag Tag” fund, the Ouimet Scholarship Fund continues to provide scholarship dollars. As always, by supporting the “Bag Tag” program, you will receive a distinctive Ouimet “Sponsor” tag for your contribution.  Last year Taconic members contributed approximately $4,500.00 to the “Bag Tag” program.

Some facts regarding the Ouimet Scholarship Fund:

  • Since its inception, the Fund has awarded $34.2 million to 5,591 recipients.
  • The Fund was able to award $2.2 Million to 491 recipients for the 2017-2018 academic year.
  • The average annual award is $6,375.00 with an average over four years of $24,000.

This year’s Financial Ouimet Scholars from Taconic Golf Club are:

Alex M. Boulger – Rochester Institute of Technology ’18

Nicholas R. Bator – Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts ’20*

Nicholas D. Boulger – UMass – Amherst ’20

Hayden N. Gillooly – Williams College ’21

                                                            * Honorary Scholar

These students, this year, have received a total of $10,493.00.  Since 1999, from Taconic Golf Club, there have been 6 Honorary Ouimet Scholars and 22 Financial Ouimet Scholarship Recipients, with a total dollar amount received of $242,100.00.  Since 2010, there have been 3 Honorary Ouimet Scholars and 13 Financial Ouimet Scholarship Recipients, with a total dollar amount received of $126,218.00.

The Ouimet Fund asks that you consider a donation of $60.00 in support of the “Bag Tag” program.  Upon receipt of your donation the pro shop will attach tags to those bags that are in club storage. If your clubs are not in storage or you do not receive your tag, please see the pro shop.

The Fund appreciates your generosity and, on behalf of the scholars, would like to thank you.  I personally wish to extend a “THANK YOU” to all the members that support the Fund.  Our membership can be proud of the dollars distributed to our “TACONIC” OUIMET SCHOLARS.

Joseph F. Truskowski
Taconic Golf Club Ouimet Fund Chairman


Ouimet Scholarship Fund