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     Yardage (Par 71)

  • Black 6808 yds
  • Gold 6410 yds
  • Purple 5828 yds
  • White 5143 yds

       Rating & Slope

  • Black 72.7/134
  • Gold 70.8/125
  • Purple 72.8/124
  • White 72.8/124

Hole #1 – Par 5

Black: 480
Gold: 470
Purple: 450
White: 391

A pleasant start to your round at Taconic. Tee shot should be played toward the right center for best position, but care should be taken to remain short of the fairway bunker. Your decision on the second shot revolves around avoiding the bunker left of the green. A lay-up to the 100 yard marker is the safest play, but aggressive players might favor the right side if going for the green in two. Green is fastest from the back left to the front right.

Hole #2 – Par 4Hole #2

Black: 406
Gold: 355
Purple: 339
White: 324

Tee shot should favor the left side to avoid the fairway bunker – shots from this bunker make hitting the green very difficult. Second shots to this large green play much longer because of the uphill nature of the shot.Most difficult green on the course to read, generally most putts tend to break from left to right from the middle of the green to the back. Front left hole location is tough; if putting back from middle of the green.

Hole #3 – Par 4

Gold: 383
Purple: 373
White: 344

Driver not necessary off the tee (unless on the back tee). Fairway widest at 150 yd. marker. Green has two tiers — bottom area will accept almost any shot, but beware of the false front which is a common trait of several holes at Taconic; as shots coming up a bit short will find their way to the bottom of the hill – top tier usually very firm. Green breaks from the back right to the front left.

Hole #4 – Par 4

Gold: 346
Purple: 318
White: 256

Position off the tee is crucial on this seemingly simple hole which has a creek running down it’s left side. Second shots from the fairway make hitting the green more realistic as the challenge to carry the creek fronting the green and an extreme false front of the green awaits the player.Regardless of where the hole location is – AIM FOR THE CENTER OF THE GREEN. Grain runs from back to front of the green.

Hole #5 – Par 3

Gold: 157
Purple: 135
White: 126

Hole location is very important. Left flag — favor right side; right flag — favor left side to provide the best chance for a recovery if you miss the green. Green is relatively flat, except the rear portion raises up making recovery difficult from positions over the green.

Hole #6 – Par 4

Gold: 356
Purple: 335
White: 257

Player should not challenge the left fairway bunkers off the tee. Stay to the right and plan for a little longer second shot. For your second shot, it is imperative to stay below the hole for your best putting opportunity. NO HOLE LOCATION IS SAFE TO ATTACK — green is extremely fast from back to front.

Hole #7 – Par 4

Gold: 368
Purple: 350
White: 293

Use the center fairway bunker as your aiming point on this dogleg right hole. The second shot here might be the toughest approach shot on the course because on the uphill nature of the shot and the very narrow aspect of the green. Green has two tiers — grain runs from back right to front left.

HOLE #8 – PAR 4

Gold: 382
Purple: 360
White: 297

Player should stay to the left side of this fairway to allow for the best angle to the green. Second shots play shorter than the yardage because of the slight downhill aspect of the hole. Grain on the green runs from front right to back left and can make holding the green a challenge.

HOLE #9 – PAR 3

Gold: 167
Purple: 152
White: 143

Club selection on this downhill hole really depends on the wind. Look to the front of the clubhouse to the American flag — it should give you an accurate indication.Hole location will determine your strategy, but the left side fescue grass and bunkers can make scoring very difficult. Green is relatively flat and putts tend to break from left front to back right.

HOLE #10 – PAR 5

Gold: 498
Purple: 458
White: 415

The best approach is to play this hole with three well calculated shots. A tee shot favoring the left center of the fairway, a second shot positioned left of the fairway bunker and an uphill third shot dictated by hole location. It is NOT a smart play to be long to any hole location on this two tiered green. Green very fast top to bottom and even side hill putts that are hole high can be treacherous.

HOLE #11 – PAR 4

Gold: 449
Purple: 366
White: 315

A good time to hit your best tee shot of the day on this long, challenging hole. Second shot to green plays shorter than its yardage because you can bounce the ball onto the green from the right side which is the best play for a front hole location. Attempts to attack a middle or back hole location should strive to avoid the large cavernous bunker/desert to the right of the green. Green slopes from right front to back left and grain mirrors this.

HOLE #12 – PAR 4

Gold: 363
Purple: 310
White: 300

Tee shot should be aimed at grove of pine trees at right side of green, but club selection should be short of these and the fairway bunker on the right side. Second shot plays a little longer (uphill) and green is characterized by another false front. Green fastest from back right to front left.

HOLE #13 – PAR 4

Gold: 377
Purple: 360
White: 310

Do not be fooled by the wide open view of this undulating golf hole. Your aiming point off the tee should be the right center of fairway “in the bowl”; attempts to carry the hill at the 150 marker can open in a variety of problems. Second shot plays longer; especially if you have an uphill lie from the fairway (green depth can be 3 clubs deep). Grain runs from back left to front right on this green.

HOLE #14 – PAR 3

Gold: 152
Purple: 145
White: 128

Given a similar tee placement and hole location – hole #14 plays one club shorter than hole #9. Grain on this bunker surrounded green runs from front left to back right.

HOLE #15 – PAR 4

Gold: 426
Purple: 384
White: 361

A downhill tee shot which should favor the left side to avoid the fairway bunker. Second shot plays a little short of its yardage and shots can be bounced in from the short right side of the approach.Slope in green is from right front to back left.

HOLE #16 – PAR 4

Gold: 430
Purple: 380
White: 332

Another good time to hit one of your best tee shots of the day. Second shot plays a good 15 yards longer than the yardage because of the elevation to the green.Much like hole #6, you will want to keep the ball below the hole for your best putting opportunity – sometimes, even being short of the green is a smart play; especially if the hole location is anywhere shy of center. Green is very fast back to front.

HOLE #17 – PAR 3

Gold: 221
Purple: 200
White: 159

Probably the most classic example of approach shots at Taconic – SHORT IS BEST! Crafty veterans of the course tend to under club off the tee and bounce the shot off the hillside which is short right of the green.Any shot that reaches pin high or longer still has a lot of work left. Green very fast top to bottom with extreme breaks depending on angles to flag.

HOLE #18 – PAR 5

Gold: 510
Purple: 411
White: 392

A great finishing hole by scoring standards. Eagle is possible but so is a double bogey. Your tee shot should be positioned just to the left of the fairway bunker. The aggressive play is going for the green, but danger lurks with the out of bounds on the left and a fairway bunker about 50 yards short right of the green. The smart play is positioning your second shot at the 100 yard marker and letting your wedge game take over. Grain runs from right to left towards the parking lot.