Severe Weather Policy2019-04-18T10:46:49-04:00


The Thor Guard unit is automated, with sirens and a visible warning light on the roof of the clubhouse. The sirens are located on the clubhouse and the course maintenance building.

When lightning is detected, a 15 second alarm will sound and the amber strobe light will flash.
When it is safe to return, three 5 second blast will sound and the strobe light will cease flashing. As long as the strobe light flashes, play on the course and the practice facilities remains suspended. The Thor Guard alert system will operate from 7:00 AM until dark. When the proshop is closed, golfers should check the warning light to confirm that the course is open for play.

When the alarm sounds, all play is suspended and golfers should return to clubhouse as quickly and safely as possible. Play remains suspended until the strobe light ceases to flash. Golfers are ultimately responsible for their own safety and should suspend play when dangerous conditions exist, even if the alarm has not sounded.